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The year 2021 marks the 70th anniversary of the first Mediterranean Games, held way back in 1951 in Alexandria, Egypt.

Seventy years full of sport and of multiple messages of peace, solidarity and fraternity among the peoples of the Mediterranean, who, through their own Games, harmonize their linguistic, religious, political, cultural, economic and social differences, in a great celebration of sport and culture for the youth and the citizens of the Mediterranean basin.

Some consider this longevity to be a miracle, as this historic region of the planet has been shaken over the years by unrest and conflict, with dramatic repercussions for its peoples. However, despite incessant turbulence, the Mediterranean Games were held regularly for 18 consecutive editions, proof of the unwavering commitment of the Mediterranean National Olympic Committees. The Games have even grown with a significant increase in the participation of athletes and the number of sports and competitions, Olympic and non-Olympic.

At their inception in 1951, the Mediterranean Games brought together 10 countries with the participation of 734 athletes (Men only), while today they welcome more than 3,500 athletes (Men and Women) from 26 Mediterranean countries. For many athletes, the Mediterranean Games have been a confirmation step on their journey to the highest coronation at the Olympic Games or World Championships.

In 2015, the Mediterranean Beach Games were born, another periodic event in addition to the traditional Games, very attractive for the young people, and more in line with the symbolism of the Mediterranean Sea. The MBG are in their 2nd successful edition.

The brilliant idea of ​​the founders of the Games, Mohammed Taher Pasha and Ioannis Ketseas, advocating rapprochement and understanding between the peoples of the Mediterranean through sport, has become a valuable heritage that is important to hand down to future generations as a precious good by contributing as much as possible to its sustainability.

The International Committee of the Mediterranean Games has decided to celebrate the 70th anniversary, inter alia, with the creation of a digital museum which aims to bring together as many elements as possible, from all the members of the Mediterranean Sports Family and more particularly from the host countries, in order to revive the glorious history of the Mediterranean Games.

After 18 editions in 11 different countries, the next meeting is scheduled in Oran, Algeria, in June 2022, for the 19th Mediterranean Games, which will be held under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee. Then it will be the turn of the city of Pesaro (Italy) which will host the 3rd edition of the Mediterranean Beach Games, followed by the 20th edition of the Mediterranean Games in Taranto (Italy) in 2026.

For Oran 2022, we cherish the hope that the difficult times of the health crisis due to the pandemic will be over, in order to allow the successful holding of the 19th edition and testify once again the magnitude and great importance that the Mediterranean Games now have on the international sports scene. This edition of the Games will shine brightly throughout the Mediterranean basin, conveying the message of hope of the entire Mediterranean Sports Family for a more serene and more fraternal Mediterranean region.

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